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Major accident damage? Flood damage? Odometer Fraud? Avoid making a potentially costly mistake when buying a used car. Order a Vehicle History Report today and minimize your risk.

  • Check every used car as you shop or the car you own
  • Identify used cars with hidden problems
  • See your Auto Reports on screen instantly
  • Buy risk-free with a Money-Back Guarantee

A Free Auto Record Check examines all the vehicle history information that is available for a specific VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and reports the total number of vehicle history records that exist for that vehicle. The "deliverable" for this check is the number of history records available.

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Over 3 billion unique vehicle records


CARFAX Vehicle History Reports reveal the truth about used cars, CARFAX provides important background information to unearth hidden problems in a vehicle's past that may affect its safety and resale value. Our reports can reveal:

  • Totaled in an accident/Salvaged
  • Flood damage
  • Odometer rollbacks
  • Lemon histories
  • Junked Titles
  • State emissions inspection results
  • Lien activity
  • Vehicle use (taxi, rental, lease, etc.)

Over the last year, CARFAX has added several enhancements to its report and to its user websites to better serve the needs of used car buyers and sellers.

Utilizing the unique 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN) found on vehicle dashboards and title documents, CARFAX's system can generate a detailed history report or background check on virtually any used car or light truck instantly.

Includes police and DMV data so accidents will show up.


Buyback Guarantee

CARFAX's new Buyback Guarantee will protect you against buying a problem used car. If the CARFAX Report for the used car you buy misses any DMV-reported problems then CARFAX will buy back your vehicle at your full purchase price...GUARANTEED! You can buy your next used car or truck without worry with CARFAX's Buyback Guarantee.*

Dealer Network

This CARFAX service helps you find a certified "clean title" car from a participating auto dealer in your area.

Recall Checks™

CARFAX works with a number of auto manufacturers to display information on open recalls, directly benefiting consumers. This service, available from CARFAX, allows you to instantly identify an open recall on a vehicle you may be purchasing. It is included in the CARFAX Report at no cost.


Order the Unlimited Vehicle History Reports Option and get FREE Safety & Reliability Reports™ for every car you check
(a $7.99 per report value). Each FREE Safety & Reliability report includes:

  • Crash Test Results
  • Reliability Ratings
  • Safety Recalls
  • Operating Cost Estimates

Sample reports for a clean, miles rollback, & totaled car.


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The leading advantages of a Car History Check

1. Offers a stress free buying experience
2. Added security that your money is not going down the drain
3. Used car sellers can use the guarantee to sell the car faster and can transfer the guarantee to the new owner

* Buyback Guarantee Terms & Conditions
* More infomation about CARFAX


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